April 5, 2022


Welcome to Boston Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Centerâ„¢. This center provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), an empirically supported approach used by many clinicians across the world to treat psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders. CBT has proven effective not only in treating these disorders but also in preventing relapse, common for both depression and anxiety disorders. CBT focuses on changing not only patterns of thinking that are maladaptive but also the beliefs that underlie such thinking.


Depression and anxiety are the most common psychological disorders. These disorders affect us all. Not only they affect our daily functioning at work, in school, and relationally, but they also create financial burden through decreased productivity and treatment cost. Find out what the symptoms of anxiety and depression are.


What is CBT?

CBT treatment is different from long-term psychotherapies such as psychodynamic treatment. The relationship between therapist and patient is collaborative, the treatment goals are clear, and the process offers cognitive and behavioral strategies designed to accomplish treatment goals.


Committing to Change

Depression and anxiety create enough disruption in our life to motivate us to seek help. Simply wanting relief from emotional pain, however motivating, is not enough. You need to make a conscious decision to commit to change. The commitment to change is a significant component of any effective treatment, including CBT.